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We Believe in Bringing People Together

Every person on our planet is one of a kind – a unique mix of talents, gifts, passions and ideas. When we get a group of us together, the sky’s the limit on what we can do. Bezel aims to help those gatherings happen every day, every way, as deliciously as possible. Drawing on our 50+ years of experience at Cakebread Cellars, we craft Central Coast wines as complex and charismatic as the people who share them. Who says your everyday glass can’t be extraordinary, too?

Bezel Wines

Dynamic Wine Needs a Dynamic Label

Original Photograph by Jack Cakebread A Unique Collection of Images AVA Landscape

Original Photograph by Jack Cakebread

Each Bezel label collage is built on an original black-and-white photo by Jack Cakebread – the OG Cakebread vintner who founded Cakebread Cellars and also happened to train with the great Ansel Adams. Jack’s amazing landscape photos keep us grounded in his vision for world-class California wine.

A Unique Collection of Images

A human silhouette celebrates the unique individuality of every person who’s come together to grow, make, share or enjoy Bezel wine with us.

Every wine is different, just like each of us.

AVA Landscape

Colorful images of nature offer a peek into the Paso Robles and Edna Valley vineyards where Bezel wines begin their journey to the bottle.

Bezel Wines
From the Cakebread Family

Cakebread Family, Central Coast Crush

We’re not new to the winemaking game. Since 1973, our family has made wine in Napa Valley at Cakebread Cellars in Rutherford, California. But with Bezel, we’re breaking out of Napa to find the hidden gems of California wine country in the Central Coast. We’re thrilled to be exploring this up-and-coming area and celebrating its gorgeous diversity with our wines.

Bezel Wines
The Name

Bezel: Behind the Name

In jewelry making, a bezel is the grooved setting that secures a gem or watchface in place. The name speaks to the craftsmanship behind every bottle of Bezel wine – the skill, precision and experience we’ve honed through 50 years of winemaking at Cakebread, and brought to the Central Coast.

Bezel Wines
One-of-a-Kind Wine Crafted from California’s Central Coast

One-of-a-Kind Wine Crafted from California’s Central Coast

Our winemaking mission is simple, though the resulting wines complex: Seek the best grapes from the West Coast’s finest vineyards and let that region’s personality shine through in each wine.

Bezel Wines
Bezel Wines