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Wines That Make Every Day Not So Everyday

Discover gems from California’s central coast, crafted by the Cakebread family.

Bezel Wines
Blending Passion, Expertise and New Adventures in Winemaking

A New Wine Adventure from the Cakebread Family

Bezel Wines explore the parts of California wine country that are off the beaten track and full of fresh ideas. With 50 vintages behind us at Cakebread, we’ve got the winemaking chops to handle the ride.

Bezel Wines
One-of-a-Kind Wine Crafted from California’s Central Coast

Discover the Secrets of California’s Central Coast

With Edna Valley, Paso Robles and more, California’s Central Coast wine country has hidden gems with personality to spare. We make sure that charisma shines through in every bottle we craft.

Bezel Wines
Bezel Wines